International Education FORUM

aims to support international education activities and research networks between Vietnam and Australia.


Located in the Research for Educational Impact (REDI) Strategic Centre, Deakin University, and supported by Faculty of Arts and Education’s Research Development Grant, the Australia-Vietnam International Education Centre (AVIEC) facilitates dialogues and webinars discussing and exchanging expertise on key emerging issues, policies, practices and trends in student mobilities and international education. The webinars will involve speakers as key partners and stakeholders from a range of government, education, industry and community sectors.


Ly Tran is a Professor in the School of Education, Deakin University. Her research focuses on international students across the school, VET and HE sectors, student mobility, the New Colombo Plan and internationalisation of higher education in Vietnam. Prior to coming to Australia, she was a lecturer at Hue university, Vietnam. Ly has published intensively on internationalisation in Vietnamese higher education, international student experiences, the international education-migration nexus and student mobilities and public diplomacy. Ly has been collaborating with a number of Vietnamese colleagues and universities on projects related to Vietnam.

Associate Professor
Chie Adachi

Associate Professor Chie Adachi currently works as Director, Digital Learning within the Learning and Teaching centre, Deakin Learning Futures at Deakin University. With her team of academic developers, learning designers and learning technologists, Chie leads a number of digital learning innovation projects at Deakin. She is passionate about and research into how digital pedagogy, educational technology and interculturalism enhance and innovate teaching and learning. She is also a co-founder of TELedvisors, Special Interest Group under ASCILITE.

Associate Professor
Bonnie Yim

Associate Professor Bonnie Yim is the Associate Dean (International & Engagement) of the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University. Bonnie has senior leadership experience to engage with stakeholders and to deliver transnational university programs in partnership with strategic institutes. Through her work with colleagues and ongoing commitments, she was awarded the Deakin University Faculty Partnership & International Award (Partnership Development) and the Deakin University Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellent Contributions to Partnership. Bonnie is an active researcher and has published widely. Her research is framed by teacher professionalism, mixed-method analysis and socio-cultural theories.

Dr Huyen Bui is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Education, Deakin University.  Huyen did her Bachelor of Business Administration in Vietnam before coming to Australia for her postgraduate study. Huyen’s career has developed at the intersection of industry and academic expertise in international education. She held different senior positions in international education sector and contributed to fostering the educational relationship between Australia and Vietnam through promoting and facilitating national and institutional partnerships. Academically, her research interest includes international student acculturation and support, international graduate employability and transnational education.

PhD Candidates and Graduates

Huong Phan

Dr. Huong Le Thanh Phan began her career as a lecturer at Foreign Trade University, Vietnam. She obtained her PhD in Education at Deakin University in 2020. Huong’s doctoral thesis comparing the processes of internationalisation of the curriculum in Australian and Vietnamese universities won the International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) 2020 Excellence Award for Outstanding Postgraduate Thesis. Huong’s research interests include teaching and learning experiences, graduate employability, and international education with a specification in internationalisation of the curriculum. Huong is also a member of Education Network – Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (EduNet – AVSE Global).

Diep Nguyen

Dr Diep Nguyen completed her PhD at School of Education, Deakin University under Deakin Postgraduate Research Scholarship. Her thesis focuses on building academics’ capacity for internationalisation at Australian and Vietnamese universities. Before embarking on her PhD, she was a Lecturer at Foreign Trade University, Hanoi. She is currently a Research Assistant at Deakin University. She is also a member of Education Network, Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global). Her research interests include internationalisation of higher education, international education, English-medium-instruction, teacher capacity building, and teacher agency.

Tien Nguyen

Dr. Thuy-Tien Nguyen Vu obtained her PhD in Education at Deakin University in 2021. Her doctoral thesis is closely related to her background knowledge and experience as a lecturer of University of Technology and Education in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where she was responsible for theoretical knowledge in language teaching as well as mentoring pre-service teachers in their practicums. Her research interests focus on language teacher education with a specification in practicums as well as pre-service teachers exchange programmes between Vietnam and other countries. Graduate employability in teacher education and early career teachers’ resilience are also her interest.

Thinh Huynh

Thinh Huynh is a PhD candidate at the School of Education, Deakin University. He holds an M.A in Applied Linguistics with expertise in Language Teaching and Sociolinguistics. Prior to moving to Australia, Thinh completed a B.A in Vietnamese Language and Literature Teacher Education at Saigon University. During that time, he had internships at high schools in Ho Chi Minh City together with five-year experience working as a Vietnamese Language and Literature teacher. Currently, Thinh is undertaking his doctoral project at Deakin University with an ambition to investigate the digitalisation of the teaching and learning for international students in Australian higher education.

John Bolton

John P. Bolton is currently the Senior Strategic Adviser to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Global Engagement, Deakin University. John has senior leadership experience and regularly engages with local and international stakeholders on a diverse range of University-wide strategic initiatives. John has contributed to developing and implementing the internationalisation strategy at Deakin University. He continues to provide support in fostering new and emerging transnational educational partnerships. Academically, his research interest includes the development of transnational education partnerships since COVID-19 in Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Trang Le

Trang Thuy Le is a PhD student in Education at Deakin University, Melbourne, VIC. She was previously working as a full-time lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education in Vietnam. Her research interests are central to the connection between student mobility and employability. She is particularly interested in developing the nuanced understanding of The Impact of Intercultural Communication on Graduate Employability among Vietnamese returnees and temporary visa holders in Australia.

Trang Hoang

Trang Hoang is a research fellow within Deakin University’s Centre of Research for Educational Impact. Hoang was conferred with her PhD entitled Understanding Secondary School Student Education Experience: Aspiration, Belonging and Connectedness in 2021. She had been an English language teacher and pastoral care officer in Vietnam (2006 – 2008) and a scholarship program manager in Australia (2009 – 2015).